Painting Classes 21st – 25th November

Only few weeks left before the end of the term.

In preparation of some life drawing we worked on one of my favourite subject: portrait. With the help of a grid everyone managed to get the proportion more or less right!

For the portrait of the man below we used tissue paper and watercolour.



Acrylic on paper for this portrait.



Mixed media: Watercolour, tissue paper and acrylic in this last version.


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Painting Classes 7th – 18th November

Here are few images featuring Lisbon and tram 28 that I painted as demonstrations in the classes. Perspective and cars were causing a lot of sighs in the class!

The first two examples are painted in acrylic, the last two in watercolour.





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Book Cover for Feather and Bone by Ruth Carr

I am delighted and chuffed that Belfast poet Ruth Carr choose one of my painting for the cover of her new book: Feather and Bone. The book will be launched in December, look out for it!

Feather & Bone Coverwrap II

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Othello II

Othello II.

Tissue paper, acrylic gel medium, ink, watercolour and acrylic paint. Private commission.

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Painting Classes 15th – 28th October

Collage, ink and acrylic for the mix media painting below. Collage and ink are great help to add colour and texture to a portrait.


Below two images of rural buildings in watercolour.



These are a couple of version of a picture taken by a very talented young photographer: Ondrej Pelanek.



Here our favourite subject of the month: water. This one was painted in acrylic.

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Painting classes 30th September – 14th October

Last couple of weeks I was in the mood for painting water! Also everyone in the class enjoyed to work on semi-abstract landscape. Very interesting works as outcome, we will definitely keep working with abstraction.


Below are two seascapes in watercolour. I used masking fluid for the sea and painted the figures at last.



Swan and duck in watercolour:



Thank you Pirra for the lovely image of the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia.

Below we painted in the classes some variation of the Great Ocean Road in watercolour and acrylic.





Finally some of the semi-abstract landscapes, loosely painted in acrylic. These are influenced by the winter mood and atmosphere of this season.





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Painting Classes 23rd-27th September 2017

From this week paintings:

Seagull and water in acrylic:


Owl in Watercolour:


Old Bicycle in watercolour:


Stream and rocks in Watercolour:

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