The Blackbird of Belfast Lough in the Belfast Art Map

I am delighted to see my sculpture the Blackbird of Belfast Lough featured in the 2017-2018 Belfast Art Map!




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Painting Classes 5th-20th September 2017

September 2017 painting classes started busier then ever.

Welcome to all, new and previous students that are facing some challenging paintings!

Below is a demonstration of an owl in acrylic:


And in watercolour:



Birch trees in watercolour:


Watercolour flowers:




Another version of the much loved bicycle that we painted during the summer classes:


At last one subject that we will explore a lot during this term: water! This one was painted in Acrylic.

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July August 2017 Summer Classes Paintings

After a long energising summer in Italy and France I am looking forward to see everyone back painting at the weekly classes in Andersonstown and the Crescent Arts Centre.

The paintings below were done as demonstration during the summer term but I only manage to upload them now!

The following images are painted in Acrylic:





Acrylic and soft pastels.



Polignano a Mare mix media.




Polignano a Mare1 mix media.








These images below are painted in watercolour:




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Paintings 6-10 June 2017

A challenge for the last classes before the summer term: people running.

For these samples I glued using PVA craft and tissue paper on card. Then I splashed watercolour to add texture and defined the figures using charcoal. For the last stages I added shadows and highlight to give volume to the figures using acrylic paint.




This was the last exercise before the summer term at the Crescent Arts Centre in July and August. In the meantime I am very much looking forward to experiment with a new painting medium, oil paint and some freshly primed boards. Can’t wait to start!



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30 May- 3 June 2017: Paintings from the North Coast

Below a painting of the Giant Causeway done in the watercolour class. For this one I used Watercolour, pastels and white Gouache on brown Kraft paper.


Here two versions of Dunluce Castle in watercolour respectively on white and Kraft paper:



Below another version of the Giant Causeway painted with Acrylic on recycled orange grease-proof paper. I started with the brush and finished with a palette knife!
































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Painting 23 – 27 May 2017

Last week we had fun in the classes painting dancers:

For the demonstration painted below I used Watercolour, tissue paper, ink and acrylics.

For this image I used acrylic and is painted on recycled grease-proof paper from the Playresource in Belfast!



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Paintings 16 -20 May 2017. Sunflowers and Birds

Sunflowers Painted in the acrylic class:


And in the Watercolour class:



Birds in watercolour painted using a palette knife on a wet background base. In some of them I added white acrylic.

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