Painting 23 – 27 May 2017

Last week we had fun in the classes painting dancers:

For the demonstration painted below I used Watercolour, tissue paper, ink and acrylics.

For this image I used acrylic and is painted on recycled grease-proof paper from the Playresource in Belfast!



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Paintings 16 -20 May 2017. Sunflowers and Birds

Sunflowers Painted in the acrylic class:


And in the Watercolour class:



Birds in watercolour painted using a palette knife on a wet background base. In some of them I added white acrylic.

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Exhibition at the Crescent Arts Centre

Thank you so much for everyone attending the opening last Thursday and supporting me. I am really please with the outcome. It was a lovely busy evening and I am delighted to see the paintings up in the gallery at the Crescent Arts Centre. The space is stunning and the paintings looks great.

I expose about sixty paintings in Acrylic, Watercolour, Oil and ceramic. The oil paintings and the watercolours are painted over a traditional gesso base on wooden board. The acrylics paintings are mounted on wooden boards. Most of the paintings have been done in the last six months and cover various subjects such landscapes and portraits.

There are two guest artists: HaoQing Pang and Fang Zhao working respectively in painting and ceramic.

Below are some pictures of the gallery but if you have the chance come to the Crescent Arts Centre to see the works by yourself!

Exhibition is open till the 27th May, for any extra info you can message me.


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Paintings 2 – 13 May

Sunflowers painted in the Watercolour class, I used some masking fluid and palette knife to add texture in the grass area.




Here some daisies painted in watercolour:



And then same daisies in acrylic:



Birds in Watercolour:


And some other painted in acrylic using a small paint roller and palette knife:





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Paintings 25 April – 6 May

Squirrel painted in the Watercolour classes:

And another version of the squirrel:


Fox painted in the Watercolour class:

And in the Acrylic classes:


Some Trees painted in the watercolour classes:



And in the Acrylic classes:



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Upcoming Exhibition


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Vintage image of Belfast in mixed media: acrylic, PVA and collage.


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